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G10 Sample Speaking

Grade 10 Student Tips Sheet

Exam Tips

 If you feel anxious or stressed, remember to take a few deep breaths before you begin

 Listen for the key words in the question.  If you do not understand the question, politely ask the examiner to repeat

 Even if you have not fully understood the question, try to respond anyway

You will still receive marks for saying something of meaning


 Make sure that you do not speak too quickly. This can easily happen when you are nervous

Carefully choose your words. Remember - the examiner wants you to use the correct vocabulary and grammar from your studies

 Make sure that you pronounce your words clearly so that you are easy to understand

Respond to questions as fully as possible by expanding on your ideas. Use words such as 'because', 'in addition', 'also' and on the other hand' to join up your responses

The questions are always based on things that you have covered in the book, so prepare for your exam by reviewing the topics that you have studied

 The exam will only last 5 - 7 minutes in total. That's around 2.5 minutes for Part 1 and 2.5 minutes for Part 2

Speaking Part 1

 In this part of the exam, the examiner will choose from a selection of questions, some of which will ask about your opinions and personal experiences

 You can prepare by making sure that you know how to talk about the topics covered in the book, including by giving your opinion about them

 Try and give longer answers - give reasons, examples, etc

 This part of the exam will only last for 2.5 minutes. Speaking Part 2

 In this part of the exam, you will be talking with your partner

 The examiner will give you a scenario and you must discuss this with your partner

 You can prepare by making sure that you know are familiar with the themes you have covered in class

 It is important you talk with each other, not with the teacher

 This part of the exam will only last for 2.5 minutes



وزارة التربية والتعليم

English End of Term Speaking Examination

Grade 10


5 - 7 minutes

Speaking Part 1

Please note : Part 1 should last at least, but no longer than 25 minutes. Move on to Part 2 once this amount of time has passed

Teacher's script

Teacher Good morning/afternoon. My name is ……….. (and this is - He / She is just going to listen to us

Now, what's your full name

Thank you

And what's your full name

Thank you

In this first part, I'm going to ask each of you some questions about things you have learned in class

 Choose from any of the questions below at random (for example, 4, 19, 2, 13

Try and get a range of curriculum topics in each exam

Ask Student A the initial question. If they cannot answer the initial question, ask the back-up question in brackets underneath the question). This counts as support in the rubric

 After Student A answers, ask them the follow-up question

 After Student A answers the follow-up question, ask Student B 'And you?' or 'What do you think

 After this response, ask Student B a new initial question and repeat the process; alternate between Student A and Student B

 Use 'why / what ?' to elicit more from one word answers


G10 Sample Speaking

Initial / back-up question / Follow-up question

Which activities do you like doing in your English class

1A Do you find some activities easier than others? Why

 Do you like to reading in your English class

What are your favourite subjects at school

Which subject do you find the most difficult

Do you enjoy Science

Do you think it's important to use computers in school

3A What are the advantages / disadvantages of using a computer to do your school work

[Do you like using computers in school]

What did you do to celebrate the National Day last year

4A What are your plans this year for the National Day

[Did you go out with your family on National Day]

In your family, who do you spend most time with

5A What activities do you enjoy doing with your family

[Do you spend time with your brothers/sisters]

What activities do you like to do on Saturdays

Do you like going to the beach with your family on Saturdays

(Do you like going shopping on Saturdays)

Which career do you want to have in the future

17A Would you like to be a doctor

What do you need to do to become a doctor


G10 Sample Speaking

Follow-up question / Initial / back-up question

What is the best place you have visited? (Wh

8A Where would you like to go on your next family holiday

[Do you enjoy going on holidays]

Are you a visual / auditory or kinaesthetic learner

9A [Do you find it easier to learn by looking at pictures]

What kind of classroom activities do you learn best with

Do you prefer online shopping or shopping in shops

10A Do you think online shopping is easy

What are the advantages / disadvantages of online shopping


G10 Sample Speaking

Speaking Part 2

Teacher's script


In this next part I'd like you to talk together for about two and a half minutes

I'd like you to decide together why computers are used for learning

Please note : Allow students to have an initial discussion based on the initial prompt above. Use the follow-up questions to help the students develop their ideas when / if this discussion comes to an end

Follow - up prompts

Prompt 1 Decide on the advantages of using computers at school

Prompt 2 Decide on the disadvantages

Prompt 3 Discuss how computers can be used for homework

Please note : Use any of these back-up questions if the students are unable to start an initial conversation

Back - up questions

Question 1

What do you normally use computers for in school

Question 2

Should all students use computers in school? Why / Why not

Question 3

Do you find it easier to do your homework with a computer ? Why / Why not

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