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أوراق عمل English Revision الصف الثاني عشر مادة اللغة الإنجليزية الفصل الثالث

First skill : Skimming to Find the gist or main idea

I. Reading Comprehension

Read the following passage carefully, then answer the questions below :

Hypnotherapy, which involves being induced into a light trance state usually by closing your eyes and listening to the therapist's voice. Thought it directs itself to your unconscious mind, your remain aware of your surroundings

Alison, who is a teacher, says, 'l often get stressed at work, and it makes me feel bad - tempered and really worked out. I'm very open-minded atxut alternative so I decided to see a therapist

We sgEnt a large part Of the session looking back at my medical history and my life from when I was very small. She asked me what I was stressed about, to which the answer was 'everything

The discussion was almost like therapy. I'd describe a stressful scenario, and she would mk at it in a different way, explaining how things that happened in my childhocxi affect my reactions now

'Afterward she taught me breathing exercises for relaxation. Then she got me to lie down and imagine a special place where I could go to relax. I thought of a rock pool in a green lagoon

She said that after she counted to then very slowly she me to in my relaxed place in my mind, which was where I up

She would then talk through whatever problems had come up at the beginning Of the session, then she counted back to ten and me out. The idea was that, when stress e , I would be able to close my eyes and remember that state of total relaxation and it's true, I can take myself back there if I want to. The infection hasn't a problem sinæ I started the treatment. When I find a classrcxm stressful, I take step back , breath and tell myself to chill out. A boy came up to me in the classroom the other day and said, 'Miss, what are you doing ?' and I said, 'I'm cnunting to ten, Alex

A) Give cpmp!ete answers to the followinq questions (5

- What were Alison's symptoms of stress

- What was her initial attitude to therapy

What is Alison's relaxed place

After the therapy, what dæs Alison do when she finds a classroom stressful 

What was her evaluation Of the treatment


I. Reading

Text 1

Read the following text and answer the questions below

Camping is a great and can be enjoyed by an entire group of people or just by yourself. It gives you the sense of freedom to be able to build a tent on a piece of ground and relax in the great outdoors. But
you pitch that tent, there are some things you need to understand the proper way to build a tent and how to protect yourself from any dangerous situations that may occur

Locate ground that is flat and away from any flood areas. Preferably find some higher ground so that if it rains, the rain will run downhill away from your tent. Prepare the ground where you will be building your tent so that it is free Of rocks and tree limbs. Spread a blanket on the ground to lay your tent on. This will keep you warm and keep the cold ground from seeping through the floor of the tent

Spread the tent out on top Of the blanket so that it is lying flat on the ground. Use tent stakes to fasten the tent to the ground. Start by fastening all four corners and then nail down the middle sections. Work in a diagonal, going from one side to the opposite side in order to get a tighter
Insert stand B)les through the top of your tent and then connect them to at the base of your tent. Tie off the stay rolvs to nearby trees or pull tight and stake them to the ground


Text 2

Read the following text and answer the questions below

College is a busy and fast-paced time for everybody. Managing your time college and a job can difficult. It is said, there are many advantages to having a college job as well

The fact is that when you graduate, prospective employers will likely want you to have at least sonk* work experience. Work experience shows that you are reliable and likely a good employee. Having a college job is an excellent way to get some valuable work experience. While this likely is not as big a factor as some other things, it is something to consider in the long run

One of the rmst important skills for a student to develop is time management. Knowing when it is necessary to start a project or get to work is a crucially important aspect of university and professional life

A college job can help you learn time management skills not only by forcing you to adhere to a schedule, but also by forcmg you to make use of your now-limited free time

The main disadvantage of having a college job is that it will use a great deal of your time. This rneans you will have less time to study, less tirne to engage in extracurricular activities and less time to socialize with friends

If you do decide to take a college job, it is extremely important that you manage your time well, ensuring that you do not fall in your other pursuits. You should not let your college job beconw so irnvxrtant that
your college work tRgins to suffer, for example. You should be confident that you will able to nunage this issue you begin to search for a college job


Forth skill- Use functional writing to improve your writing

Stating your own position on Topic


ould be argued that the benefits of regular sessions outweigh aéématherapy and exercise."


 seem that having time out helps when it is taken regularly so more active and comfortable


Although reports suggest that aromatherapy could help people to relax, the many other ways that give you great results with much comfort


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