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 امتحان نهاية الفصل الدراسي الثالث اللغة الإنجليزية 2018 2019 للصف الثاني عشر مع الإجابات

Text 3

This word can used to the area in which a film takes place. In order to find the place for this, the director of a film will ask their crew to visit different plaws to find the one. It can also be used more generally to describe where something is

Text 4

This is in many different around the world. It is often the main of dishes which are suitable for who do not eat meat. Examplæ from this group include carrots, onions and Everyone Should eat a of these to stay happy and healthy

Text 5

If you want to work in this industry, you have a range of options available to you. You uld produæ animation for websitß, for advertising create graphics for W-nsumer or music or for advertising. Additionally, you could write for a newspaper or work in the film

Text 6

This word is another name for a picture. It can in the context of art when presented in a gallery or in a home. It is also in marketing to display a In addition, the are used to make something attractive, such as a for a school presentation


Part 2

Read the text and answer the questions For each question (7— 13), chcxyse the correct answer A, B or C

Film and food

Have you always dreamt atxwt getting paid to eat ? Or to time online talking your restaurant experiences ? Have you thought about using film to share information atxut intemational food from some of the best restaurants in town ? If so, we have the job for you! We are lcxking for for the role of critic

All you need is the ability to communicate your ideas in a fun and interesting way. We'll supply the equipment, the filmmaking crew and teach you everything else while you're doing the job. Eventually. you can even work your way up to the director. if you like

Before you start each make sure you have a for the script. It must demonstrate your love of different cuisine and full of exciting content. Next. makesure that the of the team know what you are to say. Then. all that is left to do is share your enthusiasm with the world! We that you start organising things you to the location. Ont there, you and your crew should work to check the lighting, the sound quality and the tmt places to film. consider shcxting more film than you næd. Finally, it is a idea to make sure that you have what you want before you leave the location

Your job is more than going to restaurants to try the though — we want you to talk to the waiters and the owner. You're not just reviewing the quality Of the the want to know about the the facilities and the staff

Like every job, it will have its challenges. Many find it hard to everything to make fantastic films. You may need to work long days to get projects finished. On the other hand, you will able to try lots of different cuisines and are sure to If you think you'd for the role — make your application tcxiayl


Part 3

Read the text and answer the questions
For each question (14 — 20), the correct answer according to text True, False or Not given

Social media

There are many reasons why people use social media, some of them being that it from all over the world. allows 'Heple to share cultures and helps us stay up - to-date atxut what is going on in the world. people use it to for job This in rmicular explains the increase in use of
social in years

However , such networking sites can have a negative on While it can help to bring it can also affect relationships friends and famili& Furthermore. the most serious issue is that it can make lazy — they may chcxse not to exercise or be active because they are online so much

This is because, in 2019, 79% Of the in the United had a social profile. In fact, by 2023, there will be 257 million scxial media users in the USA alone! Whereas, in Mexico, there will be 73 million users and in Brazil 110 million users; the numbers are increasing everywhere

We onen hear that much time on wcial media. Unsurprisingly, it is their social skills and their ability to do well in Sadly, this is true all over the world. Although, the most shocking thing, in my opinion, is that so much of their information is put online

Of course, to stop using would very difficult for many However. it is advisable that tirne it Should limited. In addition, tlere
are ways to stay safe online. Most know not to upload any financial information, such as their credit card details or to information like addresses or phone numbers. But the way to ymrself is to install protection software which can you safe , particularly from identity theft and fraud

The main of the role is to

A. write in different countries

B. review many different restaurants

C. film one restaurant in your town

For the job. the must

A. have film equipment

B. able to teach others

C. have communication skills

What does the writer say the script

A. It must show a passion for focxi

B. It must be written by the crew

C. It must have unique content

In paragraph 4, the writer says it is imgxytant to

A. know how to use the

B. not create much film

C. be

At the you should

A. ask the staff about the atrnosphere

B. information more than the

C. talk to the owner amut the quality of the staff

The most difficult thing the job will

A. eating lots of

B. working extra hours

C. different

The rnain purrxse of the text is to

A. offer the opcxt - tunity of a job which reviews focxi

B. persuade the of the of the industry

C. talk atXut one experience of a fcxd critic


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