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كتاب الطالب 2020 2021 تربية أخلاقية منهج إنجليزي صف رابع فصل ثالث

Read Ghassan, the Show-off boy, and answer the questions that follow
Ghassan was a very wealthy boy. He lived in a huge house and had a lot of servants and a nanny to look after him. Each day he would go into school wearing the most fashionable designer clothes and with some new fantastic toys that had been given to him. He loved showing them to the class and he particularly liked showing them to the children who could not afford what he had. He would even make fun of other children for not possessing what he possessed. Ghassan had everything! There was only one problem. Despite all his wealth Ghassan was quite lonely. You see Ghassan had no real friends. One day, he was sitting in the school yard on his own and one of his classmates, Lama, asked him why he looked so sad. He confessed it was because he really didn't have any friends. She sat beside him and explained to him that he made the other children in the class feel quite bad about themselves because he boasted about his wealth and laughed at those who had less than him. Lama explained that he needed to be more empathetic. In other words, try to understand how they felt when he said things to them and laughed at them. He called people offensive and hurtful names and thought that it was OK because he felt he was superior to them. As a result, nobody wanted to be around someone who made them feel inferior. They didn't care about his wealth. They cared about his heart


Read Kim's Story about respect then answer the questions that follow

When I was 3 years old, I contracted polio and since then I have been using a wheelchair. People often ask me if my disability stops me from doing things and I say no. Thanks to the people in my community I have seen how sometimes just a little help from another person can make the impossible (or the very difficult) possible for me. For instance, take my daily commute to the university. When I started last year I realized that I would have to take the bus at rush hour every morning. With everyone rushing to get to work and school I wondered if I would be able to move around. Thanks to all the great people on my commute the answer was yes. Although it can be a little tricky getting on and off the bus everyone gives me space and is patient if I need more time than the other passengers. Then, there's a path beside a busy road without a ramp on the way from the bus stop to the university gates but there's a man who sells newspapers there and he always helps out. He's very nice and we often share a joke. Once inside the university gates, things get easier but if i do need help there's always someone on hand. In fact, I've made a lot of friends this way and I get invited to a lot of parties. My friends say that I know everyone in the university


Read the text Volunteering in the UAE and answer the following questions

Volunteering is one of the cornerstones of society in the UAE and is given great importance by the government. It plays a key part of building a sustainable community and future for everyone. UAE President H. H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him, has said that he aims "to instill a culture of volunteerism and civic engagement in the younger generations". Volunteering can take place across all walks of life. As long as you are willing to help others and have time to give, you can be a volunteer. Volunteering not only helps others, it can also be an opportunity to learn about potential careers and acquire new skills. In the UAE volunteers can build a Volunteer Record and even achieve a Volunteer Award which may later help them to get the job they want. 2017 was designated "The Year of Giving" by Prime Minister H H Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, May God bless him. During that year hundreds of thousands of people volunteered to help others and many organizations such as The Special Olympics and FIFA World Cup were made possible with the help of volunteers. A webs was set up to match the skills of volunteers with the organizations that needed them. Everyone was encouraged to get involved. By the end of the year nearly 300,000 people had volunteered


Read The Difference a Volunteer Can Make then answer the questions below

My name is Pedro and I am a widower. I live in a nursing home in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal. My wife Sofia died ten years ago and then I became sick. Although we were never blessed with children Sofia and I were very happy together I used to feel lonely in the nursing home and sad to have left behind the life I used to have. A few years ago, some students from the local university started visiting the residents in my nursing home. They usually come in the afternoons, have coffee with us and then stay around to chat or play a game of Dominos. Some of those kids are pretty good! One student, a girl called Adelina, often spends time talking to me and sometimes takes me for a walk in the park. She is studying to be an engineer and I used to work as an engineer so she often asks me questions about the work did. It is nice to talk about the old days and to remember all the things I used to do. Adelina says that I am her unofficial teacher as I am often able to help her with the homework she has to do. She says she feels very lucky to have met me. Meeting Adelina has made a big difference to my life. I enjoy getting to know her and helping her progress with her studies. She is like the daughter I never had and I hope we will be friends for a long time


Read the story then answer the questions that follow

Last year, I was playing in the park with some kids when someone kicked the football into a flowerbed. The bed had recently been replanted. I knew this because my mother, who loves gardening, always points out the work of the municipal gardener Mustapha when we are in the park. She says he has a great eye for colour and chooses very nice plants. Anyway, some of the boys ran into the bed to get the ball and walked all over the new plants. One of the fathers happened to see this and was absolutely furious. He told us we had no business destroying the hard work of others and that we should have been a lot more careful. Just then, the gardener Mustapha appeared and I could see from his face how disappointed he was 

Afterwards, our parents got together and decided that we should spend a day helping Mustapha to make up for our behaviour. That Saturday after breakfast, we all went back to the park where we helped him prepare a bed for planting. First, we dug some fertilizer into the ground. It was hard work! Then, Mustapha showed us the plants he had chosen for the bed. He explained that some plants like to be in the sun and some don't. Next, he explained that he had chosen plants that grow well together. It was clear that he had thought a lot about everything and that it would look very beautiful when all the flowers bloomed. I realised just how much work went into his job. We helped him plant everything and he gave us all a little plant to bring home. Now, when I go to the park I always talk to Mustapha about what he is planting and I help my mother when she gardens at home. She says I seem to have Mustapha's green fingers. I hope she's right


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