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كتاب الطالب 2020 2021 تربية أخلاقية منهج إنجليزي صف سابع فصل ثالث

You have heard about and discussed three of the dangers that people face online. Now think about examples of each of these dangers

Bullies have been around forever. We are all familiar with stories about the schoolyard bully. Modern technology has given bullies a whole new platform for their actions. Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person

 Most of the time cyberbullying is easy to spot-for example, a response to a status update on Facebook that is mean, or cruel. Other times it can be less obvious posting personal information designed to hurt or embarrass another person Cyberbullying also can happen accidentally. It is very hard to detect the sender's tone in a short text message. What one person thinks is a joke could hurt someone else's feelings. Stalking is defined as harassing or threatening behaviour that is engaged in repeatedly. Such harassment can be either
eople who have been physically stalked complain about someone following them or appearing at their home, school or place of business. Their stalker may make harassing phone calls, leave messages or objects, or sometimes even vandalize the person's property. Cyberstalking is similar to stalking, but instead the Internet or other electronic means are used to stalk or harass a person

 More dangerous that cyberbullying or stalking is online grooming. Online grooming happens when people form relationships with children online and pretend to be their friend. They do this by finding out information about their potential victim. They try to isolate the victim and may use flattery and promises of gifts or threats and intimidation in order to achieve some control over them


There is increasing awareness of the dangers of cyberbullying nowadays. Read your assigned story below. Then work in groups to answer the questions that follow


When she was in the 7th grade, Hessa met someone in an online chat room. This person forced her to share some personal information and then released it online. Hessa's personal information was released and went viral Other kids at her school saw it and started to bully and tease her. She became really upset

A year later, after she changed school, she found a new group of friends. However, her online stalker used her information to create a fake Facebook page. Most of her new friends started ignoring her, talking about her, and bullying

Cyberbullying can affect anyone her. She reveals her feelings in her video on YouTube, describing how she cried every night and how she lost all but one friend. That one friend, Reem, realised what was going on. She did her best to comfort Hessa. When Hessa started missing school, Reem decided to take action. She could not go on seeing her friend being so sad and lonely. Reem confided in her teacher. She told her what had happened to Hessa and how she was the victim of cyberbullying. The teacher spoke with Hessa's parents who, in turn, contacted the police. Cyberbullying is a crime in the UAE. The police arrested the bully and he is now awaiting sentencing. Hessa is slowly returning to the happy, carefree person she once was

a. How was social media used maliciously in this case

b. What was it that affected the individual in the story

C. How do you think that you would feel if you were in that person's shoes

Copyright Ministry of Education - United Arab Emirates


 4 Read the article about grooming and then do the activity that follows

There are some people who use social media to harm others. We need to watch out for this and be mindful of where dangers may lie. These people are called 'groomers! People who want to groom children will visit the sites and services that are popular with young people. They will join in online games or communities that they frequent

On Facebook, they might send out friend requests' at random in the hope that young people will accept them. They also try to identify young people who might be particularly vulnerable by looking at the things they post. They will pay attention to likes and dislikes of a young person and may strike up a conversation about their favourite author

Cyberbullying can affect anyone or movie, pretending that the groomer has similar interests. Very often after a friendship has been established, they may ask the young person to chat privately, perhaps on social media or on a mobile chat app

If you use online games, social media or chatrooms, it's important to let a parent know if someone is making you feel uncomfortable. Most important of all, do not meet up with someone you have met online unless you discuss it with your parents first

Discuss the following scenario with your partner: A good friend has told you that they are going to meet a friend that they met online. Their new friend has told him that he has a new video game that they could play together. Your friend is planning on meeting this new friend after school. He has not told his parents


Read the text about advertising on social media and then prepare for a debate on the topic

Social media has changed the world of advertising and how businesses engage with their consumers. Traditional methods of advertising (print, tv, radio, etc.), are no longer enough. Some people, on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, have a huge amount of followers. These people are known as social media influencers. They have the power to affect the purchase decisions of their followers. One UAE social media influencer has over 5.4 million followers on Instagram and has become one of the most influential social media personalities in the Middle East. Blogging has been connected to influencer marketing for some time now. There are many highly influential blogs on the internet. If a popular blogger positively mentions a product in a post, it can lead to their supporters wanting to try out and buy the product

The down side of this is that many of the social media influencers and bloggers are now being paid to promote products. It is becoming more difficult to know if a positive review is genuine or if it is simply because the influencer was paid to give the product a positive review Some bloggers go so far as to digitally alter images to give a positive spin to 'before and after photos. They may use Photoshop to remove wrinkles and blemishes in order to promote a beauty product. Consider the following topic for debate: • Social media influencers should not be paid to review a product

5 is all what we receive true? Read the below and then answer the questions that follow

There is a reference and a source for everything. You should always verify what you read or what you hear. People send messages on phones and share posts on social media, they frequently ask you to share and broadcast them, but what if the information is not correct? What if they send you wishes for a happy sisters' week, and they ask you to send it to all those you consider as a sister. Out of your good will, you do right away. What if it was not sisters' week

So, when you receive a message, always go back to a proper source in order to verify the information you just received or read. Then, after checking you think about whether you would like to share it

a. How can you spot fake news

b. Why do you need to verify the accuracy of the information

KEY FACT The international day of families is on May 15th of every year. It was set by the United Nations to celebrate all caregivers in each family


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