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Directions: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. Refer to the text to check your answers when appropriate


Some call it the "Hermit Kingdom." It is a place where the outside world has walled off. American pop music is illegal here and you can get executed for watching soap operas. This is not a make-believe world in a science fiction novel. It's a square mile nation hanging off the east coast of China. It is one of the poorest nations in the world and it is armed with nuclear weapons. It is North Korea

Immediately to the south lies a nation with one of the world's richest economies. About one-third of all phones and TVs are made here. The people of this nation are among the world's most educated.
Unemployment is low, job security is high, and workers in this nation enjoy the highest salaries in Asia. It is South Korea. The people of this nation share origins with their northern neighbor, but they have since grown far apart

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (known to Westerners as North Korea) was founded in 1945 after World War II. Their at the end Of the Korean Peninsula, South Korea or the Republic Of Korea, was
established at the same time. These two nations have an unusual history. For one thing, they have technically been at war since 1950

Though they were born at the same time, these two countries had different parents. The United States supported South Korea in its infancy. China and the Soviet Union supported North Korea. The U.S. and the Soviet Union may have ended World War II as allies, but they had different ways of organizing their societies

The U.S. is a capitalist country. That means that some people are rich and some people are poor. Resources are distributed unevenly. Business is owned by private entities. The Soviet Union claimed to have a communist system. That means that everybody gets the same. Resources are distributed more evenly. Business is owned in "common" by the government. These two superpower nations raised North and South Korea in their own images

North Korea and South Korea share a border. Since they are ltxked in state of perpetual war, it's not a regular boarder with a simple checkpoint. The border they share is known as a "demilitarized zone." A
demilitarized zone is supposed to be free from military installations. Yet, the Korean Demilitarized Zone is the most heavily militarized border in the world. Both nations have their biggest guns lined-up on the divide and pointed at the other side. It is literally the opposite of what the phrase "demilitarized zone" implies

The two Koreas went to war in 1950. The North attacked and took over much Of South Korea. But the United States jumped in and pushed the North Koreans back to the Chinese border. Then China got involved and

pushed the Americans and South Koreans back. The nations agreed to a ceasefire. Millions of people were dead and the living returned to their original boundaries. The war never Officially ended. though combat has ceased for the most part

After the war, South Korea was one of the nations in the world. In the average citizen made $79 a year. The country did not have a lot of natural resources to sell. but they did have many hardworking people. During the 1%Os, the country manufacturing labor-intensive prcxiucts. Selling these prcxiucts
to people in Other nations made South Korea rich. They now have one Of the largest and rnost thriving economies in the world. As of 2012, the average Korean citizen makes around $32,020 a year

The economy Of North Korea is dramatically different. Since its birth in the 1940s, North Korea has been one of the most secluded countries in the world. They promote an idea of self-reliance that they call Juche

Under this idea, they do little to no trading with Other nations. up until the 1980s, they received large cash infusions from China and the Soviet Union. But the Soviet Union fell apart in the 80s and became separate capitalist countries, of which Russia is largest. Without the Soviet contributions, North Korea entered a long Of famine that lasted through the Food was hard to come by and some estimate that millions Of starved to death. Still, the Country when much Of the world thought that it would fall apart

Not only did they survive, they managed to build a nuclear arsenal during this time

Some day Korea may be unified again. It seems unlikely now. but stranger things have Yet, even if they did unify, how could these very different societies acclimate to one another? They have grown in different directions. One country is among the wealthiest, the other amongst the EXX)rest. The average North Korean male is estimated to be five-inches shorter than a South Korean (some suspect of malnutrition). With such big differences, will they ever able to eye to eye


Directions: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. Refer to the text to check your amwers when

Many who are to get a pet dog get a puppy. There are many reasons why people get puppies. After all, puppies are cute, friendly, and playful. But even though puppies make pets, there are reasons why you should consider getting an adult dog instead. When you get a puppy, you have to teach it how to behave. You have to make sure that the puppy is housebroken SO that it not go to the bathroom inside the house. You have to teach the puppy not to jump up on your guests or chew on your shcrs. You have to train the puppy to walk on a leash. This is a lot of work. On the other hand. when you get an adult dog, there is a chance that it will already know how to do all Of the previously mentioned
things. Many adult dogs have housebroken. Many adult dogs will not jump on or chew things that you do not want them to jump On Or chew. Many adult dogs will be able to walk on a leash without pulling you to the other side of the street. Puppies also have a lot of energy and want to play all of the time. This can be fun. but you might not want to play as much as your puppy does. puppies will not always sleep through the night or let you relax as you watch television, On the Other hand, most adult will wait on you to play. What is more, they will sleep when you are sleeping and are happy to watch television on the couch right beside you. There is one last why you should get an adult dog instead of a puppy. When most people go to the pound to get a dog. they get a puppy. This means that many adult spend a lot of time in the and some never find homes. so if you are to get a for a you should think atx)ut getting an adult dog. They are gocxi who need homes


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