امتحان تدريبي لغة انجليزية الصف السادس الفصل الثالث


امتحان تدريبي لغة انجليزية الصف السادس الفصل الثالث


Part 1

Read the text then answer the questions. Circle A. B, C or D. There is one example

What would we do if there were no wheels ? In my opinion, the most important invention of all time is the wheel. Without the wheel, people could not travel anywhere very easily or quickly. We depend on the wheel for all our transport. such as cars, trains and planes (because planes need wheels to take off and land). If we had to travel long distances without wheels, it would be very difficult. It would also be difficult to see other cities and countries. This means that we wouldn't know about other places and the world would seem very small for us

If we didn't have the wheel, it would be harder to work quickly and easily. This is because we need wheels to go to and from work, but also because we need wheels to carry things. Without wheels. people would have to carry heavy' things in other ways. We might have to use animals or carry things ourselves. Wheels are also a very important part of machines in factories and on farms because they make the machines work. These kinds of wheels are called 'cogs'

There are lots of very important inventions that have changed the world. But I think that the wheel is the most important for these reasons



: The most important invention is the...

A. Wheel

B. lightbulb

C. airplane

D. computer

What is the best title for this text

A. HOW to Travel

B. Important Inventions

C. Wheels around the World

D. How Wheels Changed the World

What is one thing that DOES NOT need wheels

A. trains

B. planes

C. boats

D. cars

Without the wheel

A. the world would not be small

B. it would not be easy to travel

C. other places would be far away

D. we would know more about our city

We use wheels at work to.……….

A. carry heavy things

B. carry animals

C. help ourselves

D. help animals

Cogs are part of .……..

A. farms

B. wheels

C. machines

D. factories


Part 2

Read the text then answer the questions. Decide if each statement is True or False The first one is done for you

What are tornadoes ? Tornadoes (or twisters) are spiral. violent winds that can
destroy everything in their path. They are mostly in America. but other countries all over the world can have tornadoes too

Tornadoes are large. clouds. that look like a long sweeping across the land. They can be black. grey cr even white. Tornadoes
travel at different speeds and can last from a few minutes up to an hour. They are very dangerous. so you must follow this advice if there is a tornado warning

The safest place to be during a tornado is in a tornado shelter or a If you are not near one. then a bathroom with no windows is a gcxxi place

Protect your head and neck by puling a mattress or sleeping over your head

Keep water. food and a first-aid kit in the shelter and don't leave until you are sure the tornado is over


Part 3

Read the film review and then answer the questions. Write no more than TWO words for each question. There is one example

Last week my friend Ali and I went to see a science fiction film called 'Revenge of the Mutants'. It is set in outer spæe. in another It's about a spaceship that gets lost in space. Then it meets an evil mutant
monster that lives on another planet. We watched it in 3-D and the special effects were absolutely amazing. My favourite scene was when the monster attacked the spaceship. It was really terrifying! But the film is very long and the Plot is a bit boring in parts. There are long scenes where the main characters are just travelling in space and talking a lot and nothing exciting is happening. After the flm. I read on a movie website that the original version of this film was made in the I When it was fWst shown in cinemas, people ran out of the cinemas screaming ! And they didn't even see it in 3 - D



Example : Tornadoes are not very dangerous

A True

B. Falso

6. Tornadoes only in America

A. True

B. False

7. Tornadoes can be different colours

A. True

B. False

8. If there is a tornado. you should find shelter near a window

A. True

B. False

9. You should cover your head with a mattress or blanket

A. True

B. False

10. You shouldn't leave your shelter until the tomado is over

A. True

B. False

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