حل درس Listening1 Let’s Get to the Heart of the Matter لغة إنجليزية الصف الثاني عشر

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حل درس Listening1 Let’s Get to the Heart of the Matter لغة إنجليزية الصف الثاني عشر

 Lesson Objectives

Listening: Listening for main ideas; listening for analogies; identifying intonation patterns in questions and requests

Speaking: Sharing prior knowledge about the heart; comparing body parts to mechanical devices; sharing personal experiences

Vocabulary: Words and phrases related to the heart; expressions containing the word heart , using graphic organizers to build background knowledge and to record analogies; using context to define expressions

Starter Listening 1 Let's Get to the Heart

Think and Comment

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver

Mahatma Gandhi, Indian political and social rights leader

 What kind of health care or medical treatment are the people receiving

 How has medical care changed over past decades

 What can people do to live longer and healthier lives

Before You Listen Listening 1 Let's Get to the Heart


Before You Listen

Did You Know

 An elephant's Read beats around 25 to 35 times per minute

 The heart rate of a canary is about 1,000 beats per minute

 A giraffe's heart is 0.6m (2 feet) long and weighs about Ilkg (25 pounds)

 The average human heart beats about 75 times a minute

However, this rate can increase to over 175 beats a minute for a short time when the body is working hard

 The Spanish cyclist and five-time Tour de France winner, Miguel Induråin, had a resting heart rate of 28 beats per minute


I Discuss the questions in pairs or small groups

, What activities or situations might make a person's heart beat faster

. Can you remember atime when your heart was beating really fastv ?Where were you ? What happened 

. Why do you think it is beneficial for an athlete to have a slower heart rate

Making comparisons How do parts of the human body resemble other things ? With a partner match the parts Of the body with the items. Then discuss in detail how each body part is like the matched item

Body Parts

1. brain


A scissors

B computer

Vocabulary Listen to the following words in bold which appear in the conversation. Read the definitions and complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words. Then compare your answers with a partner


cardiac muscles








tick tock



muscles of the heart

an enclosed space or compartment

to become smaller

having an empty space inside

to bend or tilt in one direction

the outside covering of some fruits, such as bananas

to push or move a liquid through a system

a long, narrow piece

the sound a clock makes

to change or differ

The heart pumps blood through the enure body. The blood iS continuously flowing into and out of the heart

When the heart muscles relax, the four chambers open up and fill with blood

Then the heart contracts . pushing the blood back through the arteries

A person's heartbeat can be compared to the tick tock of a clock

The doctor was concerned about the patient's cardiac muscles, which had weakened after the heart attack

Did you know that the peel of an orange contains more vitamin C than the rest of the

The climber used a _strip— of cloth to make a bandage for his injured leg

The size of an animal's heart varies according to the Size of its body. Large animals have
large hearts while small animals have small hearts

Blood vessels are hollow tubes of muscle and tissue that carry blood throughout the body

The heart leans slightly to the left inside

the body because the right lung iS larger than the left lung

Considering the topic .Before listening to the conversation, confirm and expand on what you know about the human heart

. First, write down everything you already know about the heart in the following chart

. In small groups, compare notes and add any new information you learn in the column labeled

"What I learned from my classmates

What I already know about the heart

Listening for Mail Ideas


While You Listen

Listening for main ideas You will hear students in a study session reviewing their notes from a lecture on the heart. Listen once all the way through to get the gist, or the main idea. Answer the questions and then compare your answers with a classmate. Listen again, if necessary

I. Why are the students studying together

heart to make sure they understand everything

. How does one student settle a disagreement about the walls of the heart

He refers to his notes to verify the information

. In relation to what does the rate of the heartbeat vary the larger the animal. the slower the heartbeat

. What happens to a Piece of cardiac muscle if it iS cut and kept in a dish? What explanation do the students give for this

The piece of cardiac muscle continues to beat all by itself. The students say this happens
because nothing tells the heart to beat. The heartbeat starts in the cardiac muscle itself

5. What is the main function of the heart

The function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body


 Language Focus  Analogies

When instructors explain a new concept, they will often compare the new idea to something that is already familiar to students. For example, the action of the heart might be compared to the action of a water pump. These kinds of comparisons are called analogies. Analogies that include the words like or as are called similes. A good analogy helps you to picture and remember a concept easily

Expressions Used to Make Analogies


as... as

(just) like

similar to


The heart iS as big as a fist

The heart works just like a pump

The heartbeat is similar to a ticking clock

Listening tor analogies Listen to the Study session again and complete the chart -

. Write down all the analogies you near. can write them in short form by using the = sign

. Note whiCh expressions the stueents use to make these analogies

. When you have completed tho chart. draw a Simplo picture or symbol to represent the analogy_ It Shouldnt be a detailed drawing. just something very simple that will help you to remember the analogy-


shape Of the heart

walls or the heart

strips ot muscle at the bottom Of tne heart

size or tne heart

beat Ot the heart

action Of the heart


walls of heart = slice of bread

at bottom; orange peel at top

muscles = string   around hollow ball

heart = fist

beat = tick tock of clock

heart = pump

Expression Used

like; as... as


the same size as

just like

similar to

Language Focus Intonation in Questions and Requests

Information questions have a rising- falling intonation pattem

. How big is the heart

• What does the heart do

Yes / No questions and requests have a rising intonation pattern

Do you have your notes

• Could you please repeat that

Statements with rising intonation

Sometimes in conversation, speakers may use rising intonation on a statement when they are surprised or expect an affirmative answer. This turns the statement into a question

• Ready to start

• You mean the heart beats on its own

Identifying intonation patterns Listen to the following questions from the conversation and repeat them after the speaker. Above each question draw an arrow to show rising -falling or risin intonation. Then check the box next to the items that are statement questions

So. what are we studying next, Greta

You mean the lecture on the heart

And what did she say about the walls of the heart

Are you sure about that

Then remember how she told us to open and close our hands

But didn't she say that the rate can vary

Why is that

So. that means that the heartbeat starts in the cardiac muscle itself

0K, but how does the heart work with all of the other organs

Can you believe that the heart works that hard

After You Listen

expressions folowing expressions that contain the word heart. Then explain What each expression means

Expressions with heart

have a change of heart

have a heart -to -heart talk

take something to heart

one S heart havo one heart set on

learn sornething by heart

break S heart

lose heart

get to the heart of the matter

wear one  heart one S sleeve

I. Arthur had the leading role in the school play and spent several weeks trying to

Armur had the leading role in the school play and spent several weeks trying to

Carla her colleagues criticized her unfairly. The next day. she decided to ave a eart-to-heart talk With them in order to explain her side or the story

It realty breaks my heart When I hear or young children  are hospitalized because they are surrorinq from incurable diseases

Sara the type or person wno wears her heart on her sleeve . From her racial expression or reaction. it's always very easy to tell it she's upset or happy about something

studying engineering at Columbia university. but when he learned about the expensive tuition he had anga nf hoar enrolled at a local college

Following some general discussion at the staff meeting. the sales manager decided to whiCh was the new marketing strategy

7. The athlete began to lose heart aner he knocked down the bar on his first two attempts at the high jump

8. if youre not sure What to do. the best actvjce I can gtve you is to trust your instincts and follow vour heart

Recognizing Greek roots Greek roots. Repeat each one atter the speaker to practice pronunciation. Then match the root of each word with its meaning on the

I. Are the terms for medical professionals similar to those in your language

. Can you add more medical words with Greek roots to this list


















old man


mind, soul

without feeling

straight tooth







What did you like most

What do you want to change like most


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