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أوراق عمل Reading and Writing Examination اللغة الإنجليزية الصف الثامن

Part 1 Reading exam tips

I. Read the questions first so that you know what information to look for

. Underline keywords to 100k for in the text

When you read the article the first time, don't try to understand every word, just try to get the main idea

. To find an answer to a question, it is not necessary to read the passage carefully, but just to Skim through it

Part 2 Reading exam tips

. Read the questions first, so you know what information to look for

. Underline the keywords you will look for

. When cnmpleting notes, try to guess the missing words before you read

. use any knowledge you already have about the topic to help



Part 1

Read the text and circle the answers A, B, or C

There is one example

New Year's Eve

New Year is an important holiday all over the world. Some people go to big parties and some people stay home. In Cuba, we clean the house to get rid of old things that we don't need any more. We like to get rid of all that is negative so that the New Year brings positive things. We put on new clothes and we light candles and put them in the windows

On New Year's Eve, we take a pieæ of paper and we write down our hopes and dreams — the things that are important to us and the things we want to happen in the New Year. On another piece of paper, we write down all the bad things from the old year

In the evening, we all go to my grandparents' house. They live in Havana, the capital of Cuba. We have a special meal with all the family on New Year's Eve. We have meat with salad, fried bananas and a special pudding with a sweet sauce

At midnight, we eat twelve grapes, one for each month. Sweet grapes mean the month will be good while sour grapes symbolise a bad month. We then take the paper where we've written our hopes and dreams and we read them. We also burn the paper where we've written all the bad things from the old year

After midnight, everybody throws a bucket of water out of their door or from their bamny. This symbolises throwing out the bad things from the old year



Example : What do in Cuba do for New Years

A. go to parties

B. stay home

c. clean their house

What is one way they are

A. They put on old clothes

B. They put on new

C. They put clothes in the window

What do they write on paper

A. bad things they want to happen

B. things they want to

C. important things they don't want to forget

Why do they go to their grandparent's house

A. to eat dinner

B. to see Havana

C. to visit the capital

What do they eat for dinner

A. pudding

B. fried banana salad

C. meat with a sweet sauce

At midnight, they eat

A. sour

B. sweet grapes

C. twelve grapes

Then they

A. read the with bad things

B. read the paper with things

C. burn the paper with things

After midnight, everyone

A. throws water

B. throws away bad things

C. throws bad buckets



Part 2

Read the text about pearl- diving. Complete the sentences with words from the text. use one word only in each gap

There is one example

Pearl - Divinq

Pearling has been a traditional and major industry in the area of the Gulf since 2000 BCE. The season for diving for pearl oysters, the shellfish that contain pearls, in early June. A huge fleet of pearling boats departed together for the oyster bank, and retumed at the end of September. The oyster boats either stayed near one particular bank or moved around to different banks. There were about twenty members of the crew on board the tXat, one of whom led a rhythmic chant

Pearl- diving was a difficult and exhausting job, involving long hours of work from soon after sunrise to just before sunset. The diver dived down into the water with a stone attached to his fCXt, the oysters, then pulled on the rope as a signal for a crew member on board to bring him up to the surface. After a short rest, he went down again

The divers opened the oyster shells the following morning, with the captain on Rainwater was used to store the oysters in, since it removed the greenish colour that the oysters had. Then the oysters were wrapped in a piece of red cloth and were sorted according to size, weight and quality



Writing exam tips

I. Write full sentences, not just words

Use paragraphs to organise your writing. Use a different paragraph for each idea

. Keep sentences short so they are easy to read. Each paragraph should have at least three sentences

. When giving facts, remember to use the present simple

. Try to explain your opinions

 Use adjectives to make your writing interesting



Write an email to a pal about a festival in the uAE. Write about these things

• when the festival is

• why you celebrate the festival

• what do during the festival

• Write at least 100 words


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