امتحان قراءة وكتابة لغة انجليزية صف عاشر فصل ثالث


امتحان قراءة وكتابة لغة انجليزية صف عاشر فصل ثالث 


Part 1

Read the text and chwse the correct answers

There is one example

The Impact of Water on the Body

DO you have any idea how water is for us? We need water to make our and our brain work properly. Our brain is mostly made of water, and we need to drink plenty of it
to help us think and fæus to our best ability. If we are dehydrated, our brain doesn't function as well as it should, leading to problems with memory and Mormance. Studies have even shown that students who took bottled water into examinations up with better grades

Drinking water helgE our bcxly to get rid of things we don't næd, which sure we stay
healthy. When we drink enough water, Our kidneys work well, which stops the build-up Of harmful substances in our Water is goo:i for our ap#arance, too. It keeps the skin clear and fresh, and can help to keep it young. What's more, it's free! Fizzy drinks are expensive, and they contain lots of sugar. Sugar is bad for our tæth and it has other side effects, such as increasing the risk of diabetes and causing weight gain

In fact, if we want to lose weight, drinking water is an easy way to help with this. Drinking water before and during a meal helgE us to feel full — so we eat less! Water also helps us to digest food, so it's a idea to drink it with a meal

If the weather is hot, or if we do lots of exercise, we sweat, which means our bcdy loses water This is why it's important to stay hydrated, to replaæ what we lose. Muscles without enough fluid intake get more quickly and they don't gErform as well as they should

If we don't drink enough water, our will start to show signs of dehydration: we might get headaches, feel tired and perhaps forgetful; we may get a dry mouth, dry skin and dry eyes; we may even suffer from aches and pains. Drinking lots of water will prevent this

In shod, drinking water is an easy and free way to feel lots of health IE•nefits. Do you know if 

you are drinking enough

Choose 3 correct answers

What information is given in the first paragraph

why water is unhealthy for our brain

why our brain needs water to work well

why water is not for memory

water helps our brain to concentrate

water can help students do well on their exams


Part 2

Read the text and answer the questions

The first one is done for you

The Future of Traditional Musical Instruments

A æries of unQe musical instruments are at the centre of Emirati culture. They are played at family celebrations such as engagements and w•eddings, and hobdays such as National thy and Eid. However, each year fewer are learning how to play traditbnal instruments and the Ernirates are in danger losing this important part of their cuture

The wmderful Of the oud is played aaoss the GLM. It is one Of the cidest instruments know•n to man. It is a instrument that has eleven strings and is played like a guitar. The oud player Mehad Hamad is famous fcy his traditional Emirati songs. The tarnbura is one of the oldest musical instruments in the Emirates. It has five strings, and its is a
mxien that is with animal skin. It is a very large instrument and the tarnbura player Sn't able to hold it like an oud. usuauy, he plays while he is sitting down. The rababa, on the other hand, is a much smaller instrument which the player is able to pick up hdd. It has one string and is played with a bow

Drums are a key wund in the music of the Emirates. The large A1-Ras drum is played during the famous A1 Ayyalah dance. The tabl is a smaller drum that the player is able to Lncier the arm or betwæn the legs. Like the tambura and the tabl is an ancient instrurnent that the Emirati people with ther past. but will it have a plæe in their future

Theæ instrurnents were often featured in televisbn during the 1970s and 1 Ä and this inspired many young people to learn to play one. But these prcVammes dont exist now. And there is no written record of this music One for this is that music its
roots in Stories were told and not Mitten. how can we Emirati traditonal music fcy future generatims

There are plans to create a coUege mcßic. If the would æt up teaching across the UAE. The cdlege keep of music that
feature instruments from across the different and students would be able to lærn to play the instrurnents. With a national conege like this. we might stop traditbnal musical instruments disappearing frcyn Emirati culture for future generations 


Exercise and the mind

Example A

A recent UAE study — EX+HIGHGRADE — et out to explore the relationship stLÆ-ents' and how much they exerciæ-


A team of researchers went to several top-ranking universities in the UAE and investigated me working pattems of students in the library. were bent over me corr.puters and staring at the screens and Othas were eating very unhealthily. were inactive. They that studying in this way is not gtxxi for health and has other side effects-


The researchers compared tre w•eight and physical fitness of over students he ages of 19 and 22 with their academic results for a two-year perm The scientists that nearly 40% of students were overweight, of which 30% were considered obese and nearty 70% were the recomrnended fitness levels fcy students studying at university


The ttEir rærch by interviewing students who went to the university gym and found that thoæ who felt refreshed afterwards and could think more clearly when they attended classes


Researchers also found that me more hours a student sw7ds studying, ttE mwe likely he or she is to exercise. with students who studied less than an hmJr day, w•ho studied thræ or more hours a day were more likely to exercise



The study concluded that students who were ætive and not overweight higher grades than those who were unfit and overweight, suggesting a strong relationship betw•een physical fitness and academic achievement. Consequently, ttE scientists recornmend doing exercise to improve your grades



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