امتحان تجريبي لغة انجليزية للصف العاشر الفصل الاول


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امتحان تجريبي لغة انجليزية للصف العاشر الفصل الاول

امتحان تجريبي لغة انجليزية للصف العاشر الفصل الاول



 Why does Mohammed say grade 10 is important

A. Because students begin to choose subjects

B. Because students go to university after grade 10

C Because students can choose to study languages

 Which subjects is Mohammed bad at

A. Geography and languages

B. Geography and maths

C. Languages and maths

 Who lives in Australia

A. Mohammed's father

B. Mohammed's friend

C. Mohammed's cousin



Choose the correct answer, A, B, or C

The first one is done for you

Example : How long has Elena lived there

A About a year

B Fifteen years

C Five years

 Why does Elena think relaxation is very important

A She lives in a noisy environment

B She needs to forget the stress of her day

C Her job is extremely difficult

 Which option best describes Elena's opinion of yoga

A She finds it calming

B She finds it stressful

C She isn't very good at it

 What does Elena paint

A The city

B The beach

C The sea or mountains



Part 1

Did you know that young people today are spending more than two hours a day sitting in front of a screen? They watch television, search the Internet on their computers, play computer games on their tablets and send messages on their smartphones

Some people argue that these activities are educational and are good for us but! disagree. I think we should switch off the screen more often

Firstly, sitting for long periods of time at a computer can give us bad posture. Many back and neck problems start by sitting badly when we look at a screen. Sitting for long periods without doing any exercise can also make us overweight or obese

Secondly, looking at a screen for long periods isn't good for our eyesight. All the muscles in our body need exercise. Our eyes are muscles so they need exercise too ir we want to keep them healthy

Another problem is the blue light from a screen. If we don't switch off our electronic devices at night, our brains will think it is still daytime and we might not be able to sleep

And finally, using electronic can stop us talking to people and making friends

So why do people spend so much time on their screens? And what should we do about it

Experts say we shouldn't spend more than two hours a day in front of a screen. They also say that young people should spend at least one hour a day doing proper exercise. They say that doing some exercise, as well as spending time looking at a screen, is much better than doing no exercise. But many people forget to exercise, and that's the problem

So, in summary, I think it's very important to switch off the screen



Choose the correct answer, A, B, C or D

The first one is done for you

Example: How much time are young people spending each day sitting in front of a screen

A Two hours a day

B Fewer than two hours a day

C More than two hours a day

D One hour a day

 What would be a good title for this article

A Use your screens more

B Switch off the screen

C The problem with sitting for short periods

D Experts say exercise less

 How does the author support his opinions in the text

A The author quotes the results of a survey

B The author writes about his own personal problems

C The author tells us what experts say

D The author tells us to search the Internet for more information

 Some people disagree with the author's opinion that we should switch off our screens more often

A True

B False



Part 2

Technology 1

Every day, people all over the world use technology in different ways. Some people think that technology is very important, while others don't like using technology at all

For me, modern technology is extremely useful and I think everyone should use it. Although, using technology every day can sometimes have disadvantages. However, I believe overall technology makes people's lives easier

Firstly, I think that technology is really important because I can do many things with just one gadget. For example, I can use my smartphone to take photos and videos, make phone calls, and even play games. Also, my smartphone is very helpful when I have to travel somewhere new

If I get lost, I use the map on my smartphone to get directions or contact my friends and family by phone. Without my smartphone, I would have to worry about carrying a camera to take photos, a map, a mobile phone, and a computer with me every day. Having a small gadget that can do many different things is one reason why technology is so great

Secondly, when I need to talk to my family technology makes it easier for me to contact my family and friends. With tablets, and laptop computers, I can, email, or live chat from any place and at any time. I can also live chat with people across the world using technology, whereas without it, I would have to travel to meet them

In conclusion, these are the main reasons why I think modern technology is so important. I use technology every day because it makes it easier for me to do things. Some people think technology will make our lives worse but I believe that in the future technology will get much better and everyone will use it to make their lives easier



 'Blue light from a screen can confuse our brains as to what time of day it is

A True

B False

 The author says that using electronic devices can have a negative impact on our social lives

A True

B False

Read the article again, and fill in one or two words in each gap below

Health and lifestyle advice for young people who use their screens too much

Young people should spend more time talking to people and less time using (6)-------- Young people should stop sitting for long (7)------- time to prevent back and neck (8)----- Experts say young people should exercise for (9)------ one hour a day shouldn't Young people shouldn't look at screens for long periods of time as it can - damage ou



Think about an item of technology that you use often. Write a customer review for technology website about the item. Write about these points

What is the technology and what can it do? Are there any disadvantages of this technology

How might this technology change in the future

Write 160 -180 words

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