حل درس Treasured Possessions لغة إنجليزية الصف التاسع

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حل درس Treasured Possessions لغة إنجليزية الصف التاسع

حل درس Treasured Possessions لغة إنجليزية الصف التاسع

Reading and speaking

In pairs, ask and answer the questions in the article.I can't live without it

We all have something very special that somebody gave us or that we bought in a special place or on special occasion. It could be a stuffed toy that you've had since you were a baby and thats probably ready to fall apart. Or a T-shirt you bought while you were on holiday. which you don't want to take are things so important to us ? After all, they're just things Here are some qu—to get you thinking

l. Have you ever saved up to buy something ? What was it

. How do you look after your favourite items

. Where do you put away things when you're not using them

. Have you ever thrown away something that you once treasured ? Why did it stop being important to you


 The witer expresses one of these opinions in the article above. Which one is it ? Underline the relevant sentence in the article

a lik ought to look after old things more

C. Every body should have a treasured possession


pickpocket: a person who stas things out of people's pockets and bags

pick someone's pocket: to steal things out of people's pockets and bags

Language tip

These phrasal verbs may be useful when you're talking about personal possessions: fall apart, look after, save up, put away, take off, throw away

 Look at the six phrasal verbs in bold in the questionnaire, what do they mean

Read what the people in column A say about their most treasured possession

What did they go on to say ? Match to the sentences in column B

 My most treasured possession is my cvpy of the Quran which I Icy'k after because it's really old. It used to to my great grandfather. My father gme it to me last year

  would say my photo of our whole family is my most treasured possession. I've had it framed and it's on my bedroom wall

I don't think I could live without my bed! Resting and sleeping is really important to me. I don't sleep well if it's not in my own bed

 I really treasure a shell I f»und on a beach in thc Red Sea in My parents allowed me to go scuba- dmng for the first time there and the shell reminds me of it

. a. I'll never forget how I felt that day in the amazing underwater world

It's also somewhere I can do my homework or relax and do nothing at all

I keep it on my bedside table and read a bit of it cvcry night

Some Of the people in it arent around anymore  thaes why it's important


Write the phrasal verbs from the box next to their definitions

look after • throwaway • fall apart • put away • take 'save up

: break into pieces

: take care of something

 keep money so that you can buy something

 put something in thc place where it should be

: remove clothes or jewellery

: put something in the rubbish

ctivity 4 - Listening

You are going to to police officer about something he has lost. Listen of is look-looking for

Activity 5 Listening

Listen again. Are these true or false

Salman had his in his bag he W'as in the mall

Salman brother bought a tablet from the cormputer store

Saliman is sure that he had his wallet in the store

The man in the sports store spoke politely to Salman

Salmaan that the roan in the sports store was a thief

The police officer believes the rx-ran has stolen lots of wallets

 Rewrite the sentences below using have something done

1 The maid cleans my room once a week

I have my room cleaned once a week

 Our car broke down so a mechanic is fix it for uS. Our car had fixed for us

 If you leave your bicycle out all night someone will steal it. Your bicycle will have stolen

 Some men are going to pamt our hous next weekend. Our house have painted

 Someone broke my sunglasses so I need to buy new ones. My sunglasses had broken


Use of English: to have something done. If you have something done, someone does it for you or to you. You don't do it yourself You can say who did the action using by + person, but often it's easy to understand who did it

have + object + past participle

Salman's brother had his tablet fixed

(He didn't fix the tablet himsel

He asked someone else to do i.)

I think you've had your wallet stolen Someone stole your wallet.)


Write a few sentences about your most treasured possession without saying what it is Use at least two phrasal verbs

Complete Salman's story with the correct form of the verbs in the box

.apologise .break .fix .go • look • pickup • push .steal

I was in the mall with my brother when  had my wallet Stolen l. First, we went to a

 my brothcds tablet. Hc had the screen computer store to pick up because it had —fixed—A. Anyway, after that, we went into a sports store 7 me with his shoulder and and looking at the skateboards. A man pushed I thought he did it by mistake, but it was a trick. He was a pickpocket


Could you meet the outcomes


 Work in small groups. Discuss the questions below

 Do you think Salman found his wallet again ? Explain

 Read the definitions in the Vocabulary box

Do you know anyone who has had their pocket picked ? What happened

 How can you stay safe from pickpockets