أوراق عمل Unit 6 Revision اللغة الإنجليزية الصف الثامن الفصل الثاني

أوراق عمل Unit 6 Revision اللغة الإنجليزية الصف الثامن الفصل الثاني

أوراق عمل Unit 6 Revision اللغة الإنجليزية الصف الثامن الفصل الثاني

Write the words which mean the following

a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive. others

a person who makes clothes

extreme happiness

spectators or listeners at a public event such as a play, film, concert, or meeting

a set of clothes worn by an actor or performer for a particular role

the painted background used to represent natural features on a theatre stage or film set

describe in a few words

a person such as an actor or a musician

a man, woman or child


a raised floor or platform, typically in a theatre, on which actors, entertainers, or speakers perform

the same date as another important date in the past



comes before noun, adjective or prounoun

 Complete each sentence with like or as

.you know, I've lived in Morocco for many years,' said the imposter

Aladdin didn't want to be a tailor

I will do ……....you wish, said the genie father

The man came to Aladdin's had promised Aladdin couldn't believe his eyes when he saw all the treasure. It wasmmm... a dream

Aladdin didn't dom ………..he was told. He didn't give the imposter the lamp

Aladdin did .……. the man told him and went into the cave


Change these examples into reported speech

Director to actors: 'Have a break for ten minutes

Ali to Tariq : Have you got any good ideas for a storyline

Hana to her mother:'Nada didn't come to the rehearsal

Teacher to class: 'Put your hands up when you have finished

Hussein : 'I'm feeling quite creative about the project



Read about Mary Kingsley. For questions 1 — 7, choose T (true) or F (falsel)

There is one EXAMPLE

Mary Kingsley

Mary Kingsley is a famous scientific writer and explorer. She was from London, England. She was born there in 1862. She was the daughter of George Kingsley and Mary Bailey. Her father was a doctor

Mary's first journey was to the Canary Islands. In 1895, she arrived on the west coast of Africa Her plan was to travel up the Ogooué River in Gabon. She wanted to study the way people lived in that part of the world. On 5th June, she left the port of Glass and travelled by boat to Ndjolé. When she was traveling she changed to a canoe because the boats couldn't travel. further up the river. As she was going up the river, she stopped to collect fish. She collected 65 different types of fish. Three of them were named after her. In 1897, Mary wrote a book about her travels. It is called Travels in Africa

Mary was also a nurse. She helped ill people in South Africa but she got ill herself. Sadly, She died in 1900 in Cape Town at a very young age. She will always be remembered because she did things that no other woman her age had ever done before

EXAMPLE : Mary Kingsley had the same name as her mother

Mary Kingsley was born in South Africa

Marys father was a doctor

Marys first journey was to Gabon

Mary also travelled by canoe in Africa

Mary collected fish

Mary's book is called Travels in America

Mary helped ill people in England



The People at the Top of the Hill

Tamara wondered the who lived at the top of the hill. She saw them once in (a, is, red) while in town. and chey seemed (youngest, interesting, listen) in an unusual way. •lhe man (rcxåe, lied, his bike almost everywhere, and when (part, ctxk. he) brought the car to town, he (rady, always, offce) had two with him. The woman, little) worked at the hospital, and every (once, now, kep) in a while Tamara would are (fir, sky, her) running on Saturday morning

"George, what (red, do, glad) you know about the people who (live, carry, short) in the Old place ?" Tamara (asked, was, tying the laces Of her athletic (kinds, play, in preparation an training (bird, run, want) with her friend

"Not much," answered (George, diver, shiny), who was leaning against a tree (sit, and, us) stretching. "He rides his bicycle everywhere, (over, Bind, even) in thc rnoSt dreadful weather, and (at, l, if) think he's some kind of scientist (save, fly, and) does research at the university. She (arm, dish, is) a big deal at the (may&, to&y, rider) even the president or whatever they (join, call, warm) the Frson who is the "(Let's, Fix, JOE run up the hill and take (if, a, or) lcx»k at their place," Tanura, (drink, adding, chair), ewe have to do more hill (running, skate, anyway"

hill was than (trip, band, they) thought, and they were breathing (hard, end, rest) to talk until they reaciEd the (game, going, flat) part at the top. As they (snowed, without) down. a voice them said. "(That, Him, Oven) hill doesn't leave much breath for talking, shop), dcrs A man on a (money, laugh, bicycle) pulled up them, breathing much (long, more, sign) easily than anyone should have after (a, if, to) climb like that. Before the two (at, spin, 00 them could say a word, the (caæ, man, cross) added, Comc on up to thc (fruit, hou,

frit). You can get a drink of (leaf, tiny, water) and then run down with my (wifr, sled, ck) You two arc training for the (loud, state, draw) Cross-country championships, right ? I read (minds, wishes, shut), I just you from the (deep, sports, point) page of the With that, (he, on, pick) SFd ahead Of them, and the (stormy, jump, two) runners couldn't wait to met his (wife, ranch, green) and find out morc the (dasses, Fople, prt9) at the Of the hill

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