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اختبار الكتروني لغة انجليزية الصف الثامن نموذج 3

Read the poster and the email. Choose the right word to fill in Omar’s notes. There are two words you do not need. From: Issa To: Omar Hi Omar! Have you seen the poster about the new karate club at school? I really think we should join! I’ve wanted to try karate since I was in grade 1! It really sounds exciting, especially because we can do it together. You and I can practice and become professionals! I think many of our classmates are going to be interested in this club. I hear that there are different belts for different levels, including red, yellow, white and of course black! I think this will be very good exercise for us. Because it will help with our coordination, we will be better at football, too! I’ve already asked my parents and they said I could join the club. Don’t forget to ask yours. I can’t wait until we start our first practice. It’s going to be so much fun! Let’s go together next Sunday. I’ll meet you in the school gym at 2:30pm. See you then! Issa Omar’s notes Karate Club
Person to contact: --------------------------
Price to join karate club _____________________________
Practice days every week: _____________________________
Can improve: _____________________________
Place to meet Issa: _____________________________
Person to contact: --------------------------
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