كتاب اللغة الإنجليزية وحدة Big And Small الصف الرابع الفصل الثالث

كتاب اللغة الإنجليزية وحدة Big And Small الصف الرابع الفصل الثالث

كتاب اللغة الإنجليزيةوحدة Big And Small الصف الرابع الفصل الثالث

Lesson 3 All kinds of robots

Look at the pictures Of What do you think a can do

2 Read and listen

and listen to atxut today and rotxts in the future

Robots that explore

Robots can go to places where it is hard for people to go. They can take photos, they can measure things or they can collect things for scientists to study Robots with wheels have to the mc.xn and the planet Mars. Some robots have gone into the ( Kean to ICK ) k at plants and animals that live there. They have lcxked for Old ships on the ocean floor

Robots can go into dangerous places, like burning buildings or buildings that have fallen down. They search for Ekople to help. Some Of these robots like snakes. Others look like spiders. Each robot has a light and a Camera, So it Can send information to the people outside

Scientists are now building tiny flying robots, the size of a These 'Robobees' are designed to go to small spaces where robots can't  3 and talk

What do rotYts look like Some robots Other robots Find some things robots can do that humans can't do 


2 Let's find out

Get four containers that are different shapes and sizes

Line up the containers. Start with the one you think will hold the least water

Finish with the one you think will hold the most water

Label the containers A B , C and D. Get some water and test your ideas

Write sentences about what you found out


unit 9 Lesson 9

holds the most water

holds the least water

holds more water than container

Lesson 10 A Tall Tale 1

I Talk about it

What stories do you know about a character who iS very big or very small ?

2 Read and listen

Read and listen. Is the text fiction or non-fiction? Look and listen for clues

A Tall Tale - part I

Paul Bunyan was the baby ever born. He was a good baby but he was always very hungry. When Paul was hungry, he cried so loudly that the house used to shake and the windows used to break.The frogs in the IXnd started wearing earplugs

For breakfast every day , Paul Bunyan's mum and dad fed him 12 eggs, a loaf of bread, 10 lxmanas and 24 lxmcakes with lots of syrup. Pancakes were Paul's favourite food

Paul grew bigger and bigger. He grew two centimetres every day. By the time Paul was seven , he was taller than the tallest home in his village


Paul went to school, but he was too big to fit inside. He had to lie outside on the grass and watch through the window. After school , the children used to come and play with Paul. But sometimes he felt lonely

'What's the matter ?' Paul's mum asked 'I wish I had a friend who was my size,' Paul said to his mum One winter, there was a huge snowstorm Paul heard something crying outside. He went out in the storm to see who was there. He dug through the snow and found a txtby ox — a very big baby ox, just the right size to be Paul's friend. 'Hello ! ' exclaimed Paul. The ox was so cold that it had turned blue. Paul brought the ox inside. He called the ox Batk Paul and Babe the Blue Ox became best friends " They loved wrestling together. At night, Paul used to read tk ? dtime stories to Babe

3  Talk

In a group. take turns explaining what is happening in each Picture to the rest of the group

Do you all agræ on your favourite part of the story

4 Read

Read each sentence. Is it true or false

Paul Bunyan's parents were very big

When Paul was a child, he went to school

Paul wanted a friend his own size

Paul met Babe the Blue Ox in the summer Pauls favourite food was bananas


Lesson 11 A Tall Tale 2

1 Read and listen

Read and listen to the next of the story about Paul Bunyan. What happens to Paul

A Tall Tale - part 2

On his 18th birthday , Paul's EXIrents gave Paul loved his axe. He could cut down a tree with one chop of his axe 'I'm going to a logger,' said Paul Paul and Babe the Blue Ox set out for the big forests. They met a group of strong men and together they became a team of loggers

The men cut down trees and Ekibe the logs to a long curvy river The logs tlXited down the river to the town to be sold Paul and the worked so fast that the river filled with The logs got stuck in the curves of the river

Paul tied Babe to the end of the river. pulled and pulled until the river was straight The logs became unstuck and floated quickly to the town

2 Values

Which of these words describe Paul Bunyan ? Do you think Paul Bunyan is a heroG Why or why not 

enormous angry kind strong quiet scary friendly helpful


Lesson 13 Review

1 Write

Choose five objects in the classroom Draw pictures and write the word under each picture

Write sentences comparing the size of the objects. Use these words

longer than the longest

shorter than the shortest

2 Write and talk

What interesting things did you learn about robots

Write down the three most interesting facts

Look on the Internet for the most interesting robot you can find. Tell your partner about the robot

What does he or she think ? Can you compare the robots you found

3 Read

Re - read the story A Tall Tale on pages 159 -161

Write three questions about the story. See if your classmates can answer your questions

What were the two most interesting things you learned in this unit