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حل الوحدة السادسة لغة انجليزية للصف الخامس الفصل الثاني 

Looking backwards and forwards 6unit

Vocabulary Circle the correct prepositions for these holiday activities
 During school holidays I do jobs around / at the house

 Our family often go in / on a day trip during the holidays

 Most days we go at / to the park for a walk

 During the holidays my cousin helps on / in her parents’ shop

 Most of my friends spend time for / with their grandparents during the summer

 When the weather’s good, we go out on / in our bikes

 My friend goes to / at a sports camp during the school holiday

 My best friend loves camping. He likes cooking on / in a campfire

Use of English Complete the sentences with phrases to agree or disagree

!I don’t want to study. Holidays are for playing

I agree with you  School with for studying

I’d like to do an art course during the holidays

Me too I love drawing

!I think that the school holidays are too long

I see what you mean but i don't really agree 

I’d like to go on some day trips this holiday

Me too I get bored just playing at home

!I wish we got less homework during the holidays

I don't agree I wish we got more

Use of English Complete with will and the verbs in the box

Dear students

This is a reminder of things to bring for our trip to

the desert next week. The most important items are

trainers and a backpack. You u need  a torch, too.

?What will need  the weather will be like

Who knows! The weather forecast looks good, so we

probably will not need  everything

on the list, but please bring them just in case.

You  will spend  about an

hour each day writing in your journals – so don’t

forget them.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week

– I think we  will have a lot of fun!

Mr Minelli

Use of English Circle the correct words

Hi, Alex. You said you wanted to learn something new this holiday

how about go / going rock climbing? You can even do it indoors

!Let’s doing / do it together

Let’s / Why don’t we call the sports

?centre to find out when the classes are

Vocabulary Match the words in the box with the defnitions

waterproof jacket -torch- backpack -sleeping bag -tent- journal
A light that you can carry torch

 Something to sleep in sleeping bag

 A short coat that stops you from getting wet waterproof jacket

You use this to write notes in journal

  This protects you when you want to sleep outside tent 

 Something to carry things in backpack

Word study Quantities Cross out the underlined words and numbers and replace them with phrases from the box

hardly -any -all -most -a few- some

There are 30 students in my class. all 30 of us have seen a film in English

before, but only  a few about 5 or 6 of us watch them regularly.

 About 25 most  of us prefer to watch cartoons in English 

About 12 some  of my classmates like playing online games in

English too and about half of us have played video games in English before.

It is important for us to hear and read English online or on TV because

5only about 2  hardly any of us have visited an English-speaking country.

None of us have any relatives who live in an English-speaking country.

These are the only chances that a lot of us get to experience English outside of school

Find three more phrases in the text that describe numbers of people

half of us                none of us      alot  of us

Our school trip to the Natural History Museum

Total classmates in survey: 20

? Which part did you like best overall

Dinosaurs  10  Quiz  5    gardens    5

? Which was the scariest section

Giant spiders    15 poisonous   snakes 5

?Which was the most interesting section

Dinosaurs  12 Endangered animals  2 Big cats 6

? Which activity was the most fun

Interactive quiz on rainforests  14 

? Did you watch the film on endangered animals

yes 18 No 2 

? Would you like to go again

Yes 20

Use of English Complete the sentences with going to and a verb

learn - make- try -stay -earn- help- not do
I'm going to help mum paint my bedroom

 My little brother  going to learn how to swim

 She going to do any homework

 He  going to  earn some extra pocket money

 They  going to make a chocolate cake

We going to stay  at our cousin’s house

you going to try a new sport  

Read the sentences and put them in order

a Hope to hear from you soon, from Rashid
b There are classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the sports hall. It would be great to do a class together

c How are you doing? I’m writing to ask if you want to join a judo class with me. I’m going to start a class in two weeks’ time

d Hi Fahd

e If you are interested, could you please let me know soon? Which day is best for you

Match the sentences a–e in Activity 1 with the headings 1–5

 Asking for information  C
 Saying hello   D

 Details    B 

 Saying goodbye  A 

 Reason for writing  E

Use of English Responding and agreeing Circle the correct words

A: My brother’s scared of spiders and he's 20

B: Really? That’s silly. I’m 11 and I’m not scared of them

A: 1Me too / Me neither

B: I’m a bit scared of snakes though

A: Me too / Me neither. I don’t even like seeing pictures of them

in books.

B: 3Me too / Me neither. I’d be terrified if I saw a real one

A: Me too / Me neither. Once, in my friend’s class at school, they

found a snake in the bin. Even a little one would still scare me.

B: Me too / Me neither. What did the teacher do

A: He screamed and jumped onto the desk. I think that’s so funny

B: Me too / Me neither

Write two ways of agreeing and one way of expressing surprise

Agree: Me too    Me neither

Express surprise: Really

I can use going to to talk about future plans

 I can write an invitation for a celebration.
 I can understand a short play

 I can talk about different feelings

 I can use language to show that I can respond to and agree

with people






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