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كتاب الطالب Course book اللغة الإنجليزية الصف السابع الفصل الأول


 Skim this article from Living Emirates Magazine. What is it about

• What features can you spot in the text

• How do they help you work out what is being said

Living Emirates Magazine

Halfa World Away

Life in the 21st century can require all of us to be flexible and mobile. Many jobs need us to move from place to place or country to country

Living Emirates Magazine spoke to two families who have made international moves, to find out how they dealt with the challenges

The travellers

Rashid Ansari and his wife Saeeda took their two sons, Saif, 10, and Hassan, 12, to London for two years when Rashid was sent there for work

A tough decision

Rashid: When my office in Dubai told me they wanted me to move to London for a two-year position, it was difficult to decide what to do It was important to us to stay together as a family, but moving to London would change our lives and the boys' education. In the end, we decided to make the move together I felt it was important for the boys to have the influence of both their parents. If I had gone to London alone, Saeeda would have had to manage alone, and the boys can be abit ta.handfu


Language tip

When you read, you can get a general idea of what. a text is about, but you might not understand every word. Try to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words from their context; for example, 'mobile'. The article is called 'Half a World Away' and it's about people moving to places that are far away. So 'mobile' means moving around. If you can't work out the meaning, use a dictionary

The right decision for us

Saeeda: When Rashid first told me that his company had asked him to work in London, I was very 'dLLißd. I was worried about being left alone here in Dubai with the boys, but I was also worried about moving so far away to a country where I have no family or friends. In the end, we decided it would be best to be together, so we took the plunge. Looking back, it was definitely the right decision for us. We made many new friends, and the boys benefitted so much from seeing their father every day. If anything, I think that moving away for a while made us more proud to be Emirati. We often had to explain things about Dubai and the UAE to our new friends in London

What the kids say

Sail: I liked living in London, although we lived in a flat there, not like our villa here in Dubai

Hassan: I didn't want to go to London, because I thought I would miss my friends. But we kept in touch with video calls and I wrote a blog for my English class back in Dubai. In the end, I almost didn't want to come home because I had made good friends in London, but now I'm glad to be back in Dubai


Posted by: Abdullah Year 7

My first few weeks at middle school have been really fun! I've made loads of new friends and I've also met up with some old friends that I haven't seen for a while, so that's been good

At first, it was hard to find all my classes — I kept getting lost and one teacher told me off because I was ten minutes late for her lesson. Now I know my way around. The teachers have been really kind and the lessons aren't too difficult. We haven't had much homework yet, but I'm sure we'll get more after half -term

Anyway, so far, so good Posted by: Sunil, Year 7 On my first day here I was a bit nervous, but after a few hours I was fine. The first few weeks have been really good

I've enjoyed learning new subjects and making new friends. My favourite subject is Science. It's fun learning in a lab! I've joined the school orchestra. I play the drums. It's great We're doing a concert at the end of term


Public Transport systems around the world

The buses in Curitiba, Brazil, carry two million passengers a day. The fare is the same wherever you're going. No- one in the city lives more than 400 metres from a bus stop People don't need to use their cars in the ciW, so thereS less pollution

The first metro line in Dubai wa launched in September 2009. This was called the Red line. It is fully automated, with no need for a driver. More lines 'Mll open to link the rest of the city with the Expo 2020 site

Japanese bullet trains travel at up to 320 kilometres an hour. The 520- kilometre journey between Tokyo and Osaka takes just three and a half hours. Bullet trains are fast, reliable and punctual. Tourists can buy a special rail pass, which gives them unlimited travel

Copenhagen was recently voted 'the world's best cycle city A third of the people who live there commute to work by bike. In fact, you see more bikes than cars in the city centre. There are 350 kilometres of cycle paths. If you don't own a bike, you can use a free city bike

A good way to travel in Singapore is bm water taxi. It's not expensive and you get a great view of the city from the river. The taxis are popular with commuters travelling to work and wifr tourists



 Read the article and write a heading for each paragraph

A brief history of PUBLICTRANSPORt

The earliest fonn of public transport was  on water. mats and rafts made of reeds, and animal skins were used in Egvpt and America. In about 40 BCE, with sails were used in Mesopotamia (now Iraq)

Early Chineeæ engineers to build canals for carrying boats in the fifth century BCE. The first intlH»rtant canal in was the Canal du Midi in completl in 1681

The railway age began in Britain with Richard Trevithick's steam railway in 1804. The first passenger openl in 1825 in the north of England. At first, worried that they wouldn't be able to breathe when travelling at speeds of 25 kilometres hour

nie first buses were introduced in France in 1827 by StanilåB Baudry. They were pulled by horses and they were called voitures omnibus. 'Ihe first motor car was built by Karl Benz in IS. Buses with petrol engines M-on replacQd horse-drawn buses, and along with cars, they over the roads

 Make a timeline showing a brief history Of public transBrt, using the information in the text above

boats with sails. Mesoptamia


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