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كتاب الطالب Course Book اللغة الانجليزية الصف الحادي عشر الفصل الثاني 2021


 Read the essay question, then read the answer. What does the write think about social media

Over the last few years there has been a massive increase in the use of social networking sites

Due to this increase, there is the opinion that overuse of such sites can have many negative effects. However, I think that there are also many positive effects, as the world is now becoming a global village with which we can communicate easily

Social networking sites help to reduce the communication gap between close friends and family as well as with people who live a long way from each other. These sites allow people to interact quickly and effectively. They also enable people who share the same interests and ideas to communicate even though they may live in different parts of the world. This has meant that social networking sites have created a fairer world not limited by geography

Some people think that excessive use of scrial media can have a negative impact on both societies and individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this

However, such networking sites have also had a negative effect on communities and societies As it is usually younger people who spend most of their time on these sites, this has resulted in their health suffering. In addition, families are affected as relationships between the generations have weakened. Many people are hooked on these websites and do not communicate outside of virtual realities. It is also easy for people to be negatively influenced by fake information. In summary, people have definitely become more social and interactive as a result of using such websites. They create freedom for people to talk to they want with very few limitations. On the other hand, these sites have created distance as people are unable to make friends with the people around them nd instead rely on misinformation

Identify theft

Identity theft is a crime which involves criminals preterdirq to be other people so that ttEY can steal money. Nowadays, we have to gwe out our personal details all the time, for example when filling in
forms, or ewn shopping. If a thief is able to æcess this informatim, he or she can use it to commit fraud in name

A1 sorreore needs to apply for a loan or open a credit card account in your rwne is 'ymr full rzme, ad&ess and date of birth. A thief could use counterfeit debit cards, authrise electronic transfers even remove all the rmney from your bank æcount

They could also use pur information to get a drivirg licence orn passport that would d$ay ther photo but your name and infrrnatjon. Wth these docurrents thieves could get a jm for travel chcuments, or even prwide yow name and address to police if involved in other criminal ætivitjes

Online theft is the most common way thieves steal your personal infrmation. This can be done in many ways, for example by hacking social media æcounts and spreading viruses by æcessing online
shoppers' wsond stored on e-commerce wsites is another way in which thieves may try to gather persona infurnatm In a typical phishing scan, phishers send out
emails to trick pecple into providng private information which will be used identity theft

Another way in which criminals may attempt to access your gMsorzl infurnation is thrwgh spyware, vhch traves over the Intemet and infects your Spyware may come from downloading files or
sMt,vare, email attachments or spam rmil, or clid(ing m pop-ups

To conclude, there is no chubt that online identity theft is a grmting concern and it can make peg)le hesitant about their actishb/ mline , with a little technical advice and common sense, it is possble to minimise the rM and protect yotrsetf from becoming a victm of online fraud


The Sign of the Four, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

something was wrong. so I went up and peeped through the keyhole.You must go up, Mr Thaddeus — you must go up and lcx»k for yourself. I have seen Mr. Bartholomew Sholto in and in sadness for ten long years, but I never saw him with such a face on him as that

Sherlock Holmes took the lamp and led the way. Miss Morstan behind with the frightened The third flight of stairs in a straight passage and three upon the left. Holmes kncxked on the third without receiving any answer, and then tried to turn the handle and force it It was locked on the inside, however. Sherlcxk Holmes down to the keyhole, and rose again with a sharp intake Of the breath

lhere is something awful in this, Watson, " said he, with more feeling than I had ever in him. •What do you make of it?" I down to the hole, and lcx»ked away in horror. Ux»king straight at me, lit by  streaming through the window, there was a face — the very face of our companion Thaddeus

There was the same high, shining head, the same circle of red hair, the same pale face. But, there was a horrible smile fixed upon it. like was the face to that of our little friend that I lcx»ked at him to make sure that he was indeed with us. Ihen I that he had mentioned to us that his brother and he were twins

"this is terrible!" I said to Holmes. "What is to done

must come down, • he and, jumping against it, he put all his weight upon the It creaked and groaned, but did not give. threw ourselves it once more, this time the dc.x»r opened with a sudden snap, and we found ourselves within Bartholomew Sholto's rn Inside, it lcx»ked like a chemical laboratory. A double line of glass Ex»ttles was upon the wall opBBite the and the table was covered with Bunsen burners and test One of the tx»ttles had leaked a stream Of dark-coloured liquid on to the floor, and the air was heavy with a strong unpleasant (kiour. A ladder at one side of the room, and above it there was an opening in the ceiling large enough for a man to pass through. At the of the steps was a long By the table, in a wcxxien armchair, the master of the was with his head upon his left shoulder, and that horrible smile upon his face. He was stiff and cold, and had clearly dead
many hours. By his hand upon the table, there was a strange instrument — a brown stick, with a stone head like a hammer. it was a torn sheet of notepaper with some words scribbled

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